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Taking Stock and Talking Storage

The famous William Morris quote: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” has had particular resonance during lockdown, with my attention not only been forced to focus on areas in my home that need decorating, but also on items I’d really rather were out of my sight if not out of my life. I don’t know about you, but if I’m living with clutter that results in dystopian rather than desirable surroundings, taking stock and talking storage moves swiftly upward on the agenda.

And whilst quoting design icons, another favourite of mine is the Vivienne Westwood’s ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’ one, a statement that not only applies to fashion but interior design as well and in this case, buying adaptable and good-looking storage solutions to see you through life’s changing circumstances makes sound economic and environmental sense.

But before I launch into the world of how to conceal clutter, I wanted to show you an item I discovered on the House of Artusa website which needed inclusion in this month’s journal post … just because. When I saw the Paravent Divider (£449.95) with its exotic good looks (handcrafted in teak with each divider being different from the next) it really lifted my interior styling mood and conjured-up visions of it appearing as a backdrop in a botanical styled living room, as a window screen in modern minimalist country home or taking pride of place in a rustic theme bedroom, adding a beautifully boho touch wherever its placed. Anyway, back to the storage story ….


Partnering eco friendliness with keeping clutter out of sight always receives a big eco chic tick from me so this breathtaking vintage upcycled GPlan giant (from the House of Artusa Bespoke Sustainable Furniture Service section) is a win-winner. It doesn’t matter what is happening behind the doors and drawers as this design icon, now with a contemporary geometric black and white surface design, will keep your clutter a beautiful secret. And again, this is storage with flexibility which would look equally as good in the living room, dining room, bedroom or sit superbly in a hallway.


One of the most important rooms to keep clutter-free is the bedroom. Does yours act as a sublime sanctuary, somewhere to relax as well as to sleep or do you have to fight your way to the bed through a mountain of clothes, shoes, books etc? If this rings a bell, its time to seek out some good-looking storage solutions to help create that much-needed environment of calm. The Laundry Set below (£229.95) is made from sustainable seagrass and again, has great of flexibility of use so not just about keeping your washing out of the way: think plants, magazines and even toys if your children can prize them from your grasp.


Of course not everything needs to be hidden away and featuring jewellery rather than hiding it personalises as well as decorates a bedroom. The Tessa Jewellery Holder (£52.00 – shown above in the light gold version) not only looks good as it is but drape bracelets and necklaces on its branches and this gorgeous little tree becomes an original and bespoke piece of decorative art.

But sometimes sorting clutter isn’t just about making a home a great place to live. I was recently talking with a business associate of mine, Claire Potter of Blue Door Bespoke ( who provides a rather special service where she declutters, sorts and organises properties prior to sale where the vendor needs to move the property’s contents on. Interestingly she spoke at length about the hidden treasures people don’t even know they own, so before that grand clear up and clear out, make sure that what you’re storing or disposing of isn’t a valuable piece which might make a tidy sum at auction.

And if you like the idea of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui helping you to declutter, then have a read of this article which appeared online in The Spruce last year. Dealing with different areas of the home, the article covers everything from children’s’ rooms to sorting your closet:

Alison Gootee/Getty

Make May the month to turn the tide on clutter chaos in your home, spark some joy …

Chris Billinghurst | May 2020


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